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Mesmerizing Necro Black Metal from Japan; raw (but not "primitive") blend of grim Nordic-influenced darkness mixed with Alternative Japanese Undergound aesthetics. On the very fleeting surface this might be described as in a similar vein to "ILDJARN filtered through the trance-inducing suicidal tangents of FORGOTTEN TOMB, DRUDKH, early SHINING, or XASTHUR"-- but without the trendy UK shoe-gazing element, or American post-grunge reverie. More importantly, a uniquely Japanese twist is added to break the mold and create a divergent new standard of Asian Black Metal by incorporating noisy Doom-y guitar grind reminiscent of ZENI GEVA, or the more seminal SWANS. All Extreme elements combine to form a harrowing, suffocatingly horrific atmosphere of hallucinogenic Blackened intensity with both orthodox and exotic oriental flavors simultaneously attacking the listeners' senses. Tortured cries herald the way to a purgatorial aural journey through grim, yet desperate visions of Zigoku-- the traditional concept of Nippon Hell...
Current bands in Japan may be familiar to Extreme Metal fans worldwide for mining either Heavy Metal and Thrash veins inspired by Venom and Iron Maiden, or brutal Death Metal attack patterned after Morbid Angel and the Florida Scene of the early '90s, or melodic Swedish genres characterized by In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN is obviously one of the very few truly Black Metal bands in Japan, independent from the rest of the established scene-- a true anomaly and rarity in the land of the Rising Sun. EDM only hints at an obscure and well-hidden (albeit practically "non-existent") Underground scene that deserves to be investigated. With the release of this self-titled debut CD, EDM will soon rank alongside the pioneers of Japan's classic Alternative Underground Scene, like ZENI GEVA, DISSECTION TABLE, YBO2, HIGH RISE, SODOM, WHITE HOSPITAL, FUSHITSUSHA, and G.I.S.M.! Tirelessly performing a multitude of live action (sharing "live house" bills with the likes of SOLMANIA and MASSONA), ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN will surely prove to be an important discovery for adventurous gaijin ("foreign devils") fanatic about sinister and diabolic Black Metal art in this Satanic New Millenium!

EDM's debut-album "Endless Dismal Moan" CD on Records features 10 new tracks recorded in 2004, plus 6 "Bonus-Tracks" taken from the first self-released demo from previous years-- a total of sixteen (16) tracks, with a total running-time of 66 minutes!

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