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Dark Funeral
Band members
Emperor Magus Caligula (Masse Broberg) - Vocals, Bass Lord Ahriman (Micke Svanberg) - Guitar Chaq Mol (Bo Karlsson) - Guitar Matte Modin - Drums

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After years of dominating black/death metal world-over, Sweden's Dark Funeral are a band in need of no formal introductions. Their albums, tours, and personae are without doubt one of the most notorious and highly regarded of the genre. Now, for the first time, De Profundis Clamavi ad te Domine captures what fans have long held as one of the best live extreme metal bands of recent history.

Recorded during the band's successful 2003 South American tour (including stops in Brazil, Chile and Colombia), De Profundis Clamavi ad te Domine features a selection of material that spans the band's decade long career. Raw, fierce, evil - it captures the dark essence that is and always will be Dark Funeral.

Dating to 1993, Dark Funeral recorded their self-titled ep and quickly established themselves as a band to watch. For their full-length debut, the band would shack up in famed Abyss Studios and later unveil the impressive The Secrets of the Black Arts. It was an immediate success and would see through the band's first headlining European tour. Their commanding stage presence was witnessed by fans across the continent; blood, corpse paint and ancient weaponry as a dominating backdrop to the band's fast and intricate music. Their shows would become legend. After the European leg, Dark Funeral would visit the US for the first time; a trip fans still recall vividly. Vobiscum Satanas, In the Sign and the monumental Diabolis Interium would follow, further expanding the band's worldwide fanbase, securing them a top spot on extreme metal's worldwide hierarchy.

Currently working on material for their next opus, De Profundis Clamavi ad te Domineis a rest stop on a recording legacy that continues to impress. Dark Funeral are: vocalist/bassist Emperor Magnus Caligula, guiatirst Lord Ahriman, guitarist Chaq Mol, bassist Richard Cabeza and drummer Matte Modin.

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