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The question is, "What can be expected from the new BOLT THROWER album?" The answer is simple... BOLT THROWER! Revered as enduring grind innovators, BOLT THROWER maintains their hard line crusade of thrashing out inspired tales of apocalyptic demise, the brutalities of war and, just as the title suggests, the honor, valor and pride of man. With the passing of the torch from BOLT THROWER's long time vocalist Karl Willets, to long time friend and former BENEDICTION front man Dave Ingram, BOLT THROWER shows no signs of surrender. With "HONOUR-VALOUR-PRIDE", the band's sixth full studio release and second for Metal Blade Records, BOLT THROWER's music has never been more relevant then it is in 2002.
Fans of Death Metal, Grind Core, Punk and Hard Core have always been drawn to BOLT THROWER, due to the band's penchant for creating sonic battlefields, their uncompromising drive to constantly better their music and their unwavering ability to not be artistically effected by trends and fashion, earning BOLT THROWER the longevity not afforded most of their contemporaries. Unlike most in the genre, BOLT THROWER's instantly recognizable guitar sound (which sounds more like a tank drudging through a blood soaked battlefield) coupled with the intensely thick and war torn voice of new vocalist Ingram entirely captures the unnerving subject matter of war and conflict, which is so masterfully depicted lyrically.
From the opening song "Contact Wait Out" the tone for the new opus of war laden extreme metal is laid right before your eyes and ears. The overwhelming use of groove pounding Metal continues through all nine songs, using 3 song increments for the title tracks Honour, Valour and lastly closing with Pride.
BOLT THROWER has always maintained a very close and die-hard fan base. Fans worldwide have eagerly been awaiting new Bolt Thrower for over 3 years, and finally they have what they have been longing for, another heavy as hell Bolt Thrower record. The sound of BOLT THROWER is in no way mistakable for anything else…well, maybe a tank.

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