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Shining Fury
Band members
Francesco Neretti: Vocals Ross Lukather: Drums Tommy Pellegrini: Guitar Francesco Chelini: Guitars Alessandro Cola: Bass


Drummer Ross Lukather formed the band in 2001 in order to create fast and melodic songs. After playing for many years with well-known bands such as Death SS ("Heavy Demons", "Do What Thou Wilt"), Labyrinth (tour in support of "Return To Heaven Denied") and Athena ("Twilight Of Days"), he found the right people to assemble the definitive Shining Fury line-up:

Tommy Pellegrini on guitar, who plays in many local bands like Nightmarish (prog-like band) and an Iron Maiden cover band called Strange Illusion;

Alessandro Cola on bass, who plays with Tommy in Strange Illusion and Nightmarish, as well as in No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover band), and who collaborated with Mandragora Scream on their Nuclear Blast released album;

Francesco Neretti, the talented singer of Profondo Porpora (Deep Purple cover band) and Athena ("Twilight of Days").

The last to join was Francesco Chelini (nicknamed Toniello) on second guitar, who is influenced by musicians such as Michael Schenker and Randy Rhoads, and is responsible for solos and harmonies.

Shining Fury were joined in the studio by Oleg Smirnoff on keyboards (Eldritch, Death SS, Vision Divine), a great musician and friend of the band, as well as many other special guests such as Morby on vocals (Time Machine, Labyrinth, Domine), Terence Holler and Martin Khyn (vocals and bass in Eldritch), and, last but not least, Robert Lukather on soprano sax.

The debut album Last Sunrise was recorded at FP recording studio in Lucca, Italy under the supervision of Federico Pedichini (a.k.a. Freddy Delirio), who guided the band with his professionalism and know-how, using state-of-the-art technology. The band spent months adding arrangements and special touches to the songs, which resulted in a rich, complex album, which will carry the torch for European power metal from now on.

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