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TROLLFEST Releases Cover of Pharrell Williams Hit “Happy”

Trollfest TROLLFEST transforms energetic hits into pure Norwegian Balkan Metal K.A.O.S. with Happy Heroes!

The kings of True Norwegian Balkan Metal, TROLLFEST, release their new EP, Happy Heroes, today via Napalm Records! To celebrate the release of this spectacular funfest, TROLLFEST has released a crazy, colorful, and hilarious music video for their cover of Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy”, animated by TROLLFEST’s own Mr. Seidel!

This cover by TROLLFEST truly rockets the worldwide hit into new dimensions: If you’ve ever wondered what this modern classic would sound like with hard-hitting drums, highly energetic, harsh vocals, and metal riffs, TROLLFEST delivers the answer!

Watch the animated music video for “Happy” below.

Four vivid songs on Happy Heroes deliver a vast variety of spectacular musical romps, made evident by the catchy original title track “Happy Heroes”, wherein TROLLFEST tells the story of evil, self-righteous troll superheroes whom you should probably not call if you’re in need of help. The EP then presents three re-energized cover songs – Balkan and folk metal re-imaginings of the world-famous “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, quite possibly the cheeriest song known to man, the newly released “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, by Bobby McFerrin, as well as the Aqua hit “Cartoon Heroes”.

Each revitalized track keeps its original catchiness and will have you humming in K.A.O.S!

Pre-Order Happy Heroes HERE:

"Happy Heroes" Track Listing:
1 - Happy Heroes
2 - Cartoon Heroes
3 - Don’t Worry Be Happy
4 - Happy

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    March 23, 2021

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