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INTERVIEW: Legendary Bass Guitar Virtuoso – REV JONES Latest Release - Bakwash

REV Known in everywhere for his amazing bass techniques & his crazy energetic stage presence, as seen all over the world with several major acts, Steelheart, Leslie West, Michael Schenker Group, Mountain, Fuel, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Kottak, Black Symphony, Blasted To Static, Gundriver, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Forte, just to name a few.

Rev Jones not only breaks every rule, with his bass performance, but also has great pipes and sings on his recent solo release: BAKWASH. In this interview we discuss backwash and all things bass, metal and rock. Enjoy. Indecently Backwash enters that esteemed list of the Gauntlet best Records you’ve never heard before.
The Gauntlet thanks REV for the privilege to interview.

Audio Interview with Rev Jones:

REV JONES - Vocals / Bass
JIM DOFKA - Guitar

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    March 07, 2019

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