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AFTERMATH is Back with New LP Digital Drop Tomorrow Friday 2/15/2019. “There is Something Wrong”

Album Cover There Is Something Wrong! A true statement in the most absolute sense. Never has a title packed so much meaning into such a simple yet ominous phrase. This title is fantastic. It might be my favorite, because we know there is something wrong here. Am I right? And Aftermath point out that not just observation and intellectual circumstances lining up are the indicators, but you can FEEL it in your gut. You can sense it. Its creepy and things are not as they appear, but the façade is crumbling.

The band is very smart and cleverly obscures dystopian phenomenon from individuals and perpetrators using similar vignettes as a basis to point out views held by most citizens not just in America but on the whole Planet. All wrapped up in a feeling that is powerful and warns while it calls humanity to action – Essentially saying get off your ASS! Seldom has an album been this lyrically effective in its topic and the musicality fits like a glove. It may scare the shit out of you if you let it run and think about it too much. At the same time there are adrenaline crescendos that disarm the fear and mount rebelliousness. Are headbangers not rebels if nothing else? Absolutely!

Never has the phrase “Were Back…” delivered more dramatic force than when heard roughly 13 seconds into False Flag Flying.

Aftermath Band Pic

The record starts with an industrial machine-like Overture (like all good metal.) and then blasts into the opener False Flag Flying. Which like most of the record, which would be difficult to find something similar in the Canon of world metal. Time Signature and Tempo are flexed and bent vocal phrasing is also wrapped in the same movement, along with a diverse set of singing styles. There is no doubt a punk influence but vocally the singer is large and in charge – totally fearless which lends contrast to the lyrics and instrumentation. Like the album title the song titles are fuckin totally cool. Of course, this record belongs in no genre and it would be limiting to box it up such.

This collection of tracks is unconventional in a good way and innovates new sounds in all directions. In this era metal that stands away from the pack is a good thing. Let’s face it part of that Something that’s wrong is monomania. Civilization rewards the lemming and punishes the standout. Even comparing it with earlier Aftermath releases it is very innovative and challenging. Its only February but this one will be difficult to knock of the Gauntlets Top 10 list for the year.

Burning Money

There is virtually no rondo structure anywhere, no ABACAB. Six or more repetitions of clarion calls and warnings can pop in anywhere and sound like the chant of a rioting crowd. The record incorporates totally unpredictable and un-orthodox, sound structures, as you will see from the videos attached below.

The groove is revolving, and the rhythm section is very strong. Percussion from the kit illustrates the tempo’s refusal to remain static. This is very difficult to do without breakdowns for the whole band but especially the drums who is the bands metronome. Drummers have difficulty as a rule playing slow or soft. Ray Schmidt delivers the most underappreciated part of the kits contribution to music and that is keeping time. Ray stays incredibly disciplined and delivers perfect time. Same goes for the bassist. I pulled the bass rhythm out just to see how much of the low end it was holding up and it’s a good half resulting in the wall of sound effect in the stark movements. George Lagis introduces some unique technique that accents and alters the feel. And Ray is not just a clock but a drummer with creativity in his Techniques, bridges and fills.

black house

The Axe delivers a variety of solid riffs and solo’s and uses the whole fret board. Often Steve is constantly switching up riffs within single songs, plucking an ominous cliffhanger sound. I’m not sure but I thought I heard some overdubbing in a couple places. Steve comes up with some fucking outstanding phrases and puts real emotion into his exceptional full measure bends on the highest fret (or close) with impeccable vibrato. Only to flip to odd time staccato short deep notes. Gaslight has a particularly cool phrase that holds to two bars. Pseudocide has accented high notes that totally amp the emotion. Also, on this track is a clever bridge of acoustic with maybe a slight stereo chorus or some effect. Its soft and humble beside the constant berating of Charlie telling the throng they are all fools.

Charlie, Vox has a seemingly bottomless well of styles that give the record the feel of several different people at times. Just a few you will here: whispering… short staccato thrash singing… Base to Tenor register long slightly raspy clean slides up and over and around… spoken word… speeches... effected cool imperatives… robotic. Two voices in alternating pattern one wrought and the other reassuring and strong near the end of Diethanasia. The beginning of Scientists and Priest starts with a chipmunk speed vocal that slows into a George Carlin Quote (I think) and of course Nietzsche's famous quote. The constant accusation of lying is very satisfying and Charlie never lets up.

The title track is simply epic in every way, long ringing chords bridges and flipping between a cool groove to hyperspeed section and then droping all the way back to stark and minimal and imperatives from Charlie drive the slow reassembly back to its beginning sound.

The Mix… What can I say here? The response at flat settings is nearly perfect. Aftermath dabble in some movements that are so structure-less I feel inclined to say Avant Garde, like expulsion that is so visual flashing through scenes of confusion and suffering in the form of short soundlets.

The Lyrical Poetry is Masterful. It is also mysterious and obscure at times with references to the number 33, Jeckyl Island, Unam Sanctum, Vrill, Bohemian Grove, Fiat Cash, Question everything, don’t believe the Media. Additionally we find A 10x repeated protesting angry shout “Bullion Bankers Brokers Bohemian Grovers, the black house, internet infested. I know what most of these references mean, but its more fun to figure it out on your own.

What we have here at the end of this freaky emotional dark ride is a tragedy ending in the ruin of “the people.” There is a tiny ghost of chance indicated by Charlie posing 3 questions near the end of the title track, one of them “Is there no one out there like me?” Personally, I will answer that with a Resounding YES!!!!!! You are not alone. There are several antagonists from the rigged banking game and the ruling class to the military industrial complex. But the most deadly and insidious enemy is APATHY. People being lulled into comfort away from action. And so, it begs the questions “When will the classes take what is theirs from the 1% of the 1%? When will people who know better get up and act? How long can we be sold shit for gold?

Burning constitution

The album declares now is the time to wake up from your apathetic slumber and storm the Bastille, the black house, the Kremlin, etc.


The Tracks
1. Can you feel it 0.44
2. FFF (FalseFlagFlying) 5:57
3. Diethanasia 2:45
4. Scientists and Priest 5:32
5. Smash Reset Control 3:26
6. Gaslight 4:52
7. Handful of Dynamite 2:23
8. Temptation Overthrown 3:32
9. Psuedocide 6:51
10. There is Something wrong 6:36
11. Expulsion 4:23

The Band, hailing from Chicago are listed below.

Band Members:
Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis - Vocals
Steve Sacco - Guitar
Ray Schmidt - Drums
George Lagis - Bass

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    February 14, 2019

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