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Black Sabbath Makes Retirement Official

Black Sabbath After almost 50 years (49 to be precise,) the band known as Black Sabbath is no more.

The Blueprinters for Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath, have "Officially" Marked their end.

I wonder what makes it "Official?" Were their legal documents signed? I guess what I am saying is - I am not aware of any way that a band can officially end. But that's what they are calling it so I'll go along.

Although Tony Iommi has backed off the statements saying that they "may" continue to do some recording or even occasional one-off shows.

Of course their are the hard-core fundamentalist Black Sabbath fans who say that since Bill Ward (Original Drummer) wasn't the line-up this recent incarnation wasn't even an official reunion. On the other hand Black Sabbath has gone through quite a few line up changes over the course of their 19 albums. In fact only 9 of them included the original four members.

So will their be a chance to see a band under the Black Sabbath Flag play live again - maybe. However there is this pesky mortality thing we must face and the reaper may be near.

I suppose this official end provides closure for some fans. It does for this writer.

Below is a video of the last song played by the band.

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    March 13, 2017

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