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Experts Disagree Over Whether Randy Blythe Exhibits Aggressive Traits

blythe As promised, Randy Blythe returned to Prague for court a second time today as psychology experts took the stand. Court expert, Tereza Soukupova, stated today that Blythe "may have some antisocial personality traits." She cited when he was fined for speeding and public urination when he was younger.

Randy Blythe challenged Soukupova's findings stating in court "When I was in jail, I was given three tests. One was with some blocks, one was looking at some pictures in a magazine as you told stories. . . and the other a Rorschach test, which is a very old test."

A criminal psychiatrist was next to take the stand and she stated that "didn't meet several of the conditions for antisocial personality disorder." She went on to state that even with stress of prison in 2012, he showed no aggressive behavior and the results were normal.

Also taking the stand today was the security guard that was at the door and testified to seeing Daniel walk by after the fall with two friends.

A female fan, 19, also took the stand and described seeing Randy "push Daniel Nosek with both hands as he attempted to climb on stage with a lot of force on the shoulders." She was in the front row at the concert at the Abaton when the incident took place. She went on to state that when Dan fell into the crowd, the crowd parted and he fell to the floor.

Blythe's lawyers filed an expert brief on body mechanics to shed light on how the victims body would have flown off the stage, contrary to witness accounts. His expertise in physics also supports the injuries sustained by Daniel. The prosecutor, Vladimir Muzik, objected to the the evidence on the basis that the investigators and court witnesses gave thorough testimony on what happened, contradictions and all.

Tomorrow will be one more witness for Randy Blythe's defense, then both sides will make a closing statement. Following the closing statements, Randy Blythe will address the court. A verdict can be expected tomorrow.

Blythe is being charged with manslaughter after a fan died from an apparent push off the stage during a Lamb of God show in May, 2010. He could face 5-10 years in jail.

*UPDATE 7:05 am Tomorrow will be testimony from George Strauss of the Prague Police Department to speak on the biomechanics that the prosecution objected to. Following that will be closing statements and a verdict.

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    March 04, 2013

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