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NANOWAR OF STEEL Members Put Away The Tricycles Long Enough to Speak to The Gauntlet

Nanowar Nanowar of Steel released "Into The Gay Pride Ride" a couple months ago to some great reviews. The Gauntlet felt the need to get on the phone with the band to see what they have planned for 2011.

Now that the Italian metallers have completed their international tour consisting of two dates in neighboring countries in some of the world's finest small clubs what would be next? Bassist Gatto Panceri 666 stated "It took us five years to make this album. Now we will wait three years of doing nothing, then we will start jerking off. After that, we will write some new stuff. A few years ago we actually wanted to call our album 'Chinese Democracy' but the Guns N' Roses album came out before ours. We couldn't believe it."

The album 'Into the Gay Pride Ride' pays homage to several bands through the music and borrowed riffs like Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and many others, but when asked about influences, vocalist Potowotominimak stated "we are only influenced by the Jonas Brothers and The Backstreet Boys."

"I hope The Backstreet Boys hit the Italian roads like male bitches so we can actually do something with them. They are as big as my penis" stated Gatto Panceri 666. "Please only ask us serious questions from now on."

As the interview continued, all serious questions were met with "Let's talk about something interesting. All that information can be found on our website."

"Just ask us about our sex drive" quipped Potowotominimak.

Regardless of what the band has to say about their latest album and activities, they have a great album out as a free download.

Be sure to check out Nanowar's home page and download their latest album for free at Jamendo.

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    March 14, 2011

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