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Don't Call NAER MATARON A Neo-Nazi Political Band Just Because Their Bassist Is One Or They'll Sue You

Naer Mataron NAER MATARON was ushered into the limelight this week after it was revealed that their bassist, Giorgos Germenis (aka Kaiadas) was elected to Greek parliament via the Golden Dawn Party. The Golden Dawn Party is known for their extremist ways in dealing with foreigners and also being nationalists. They also have a logo that many say resembles the swastika. I even think I saw some party leaders shaving their mustaches to look like Hitler's but I could be wrong.

The members of NAER MATARON issued a statement to say, "NAER MATARON has been and still remains a pure-blooded black metal band, and as such, a non-political one. Any member of the band has the right to keep on to his personal beliefs and act accordingly. Therefore, any kind of legal political activity of any member, is a matter of personal choice and is respected as such. Attempts to put NAER MATARON under any political agenda are rejected by the band. In addition, any false accusations against the band will come across with legal actions on our behalf. The band stands only for black metal, and black metal is extreme music, not politics. Closing, anyone who is into the extreme music and thematology, but for any reason feels shocked or offended by non-extreme views and/or beliefs is not of our concern."

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    May 18, 2012

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