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Skinlab cancels South American dates

Skinlab SKINLAB bassist/vocalist Steev Esquivel has issued the following update:

"Hey everyone, we've been holding on the sideline for a week now and feel time to finally announce our cancelling of our participation in the Project Independent tout of South America with ILL NINO and SKIN CULTURE.

We have been getting nothing but the run a round for the last week, we've decided to pull the strings and bail out of this tour and continue recording the new album.

We are very bummed over this situation and will not point any fingers, but we would like to apologize to all the South American fans who have been writing us... this is completely out of our control!!

Good news is ... we're back to recording!! Juan and Snake have been re-amping the last couple days, we've also been swapping back and forth recording vocals at Trident and then recording bass and guitar over dubs with Snake and his studio... Gotta say it's taking a bit longer, but well worth the time.

The guitars are fukin cruchin' yet gurthy and very organic sounding, bass is distorted as ever and vocals are on fuckin fire. This is the best I have been singing in years, we're having a killer time recording this album ....can't fuckin wait to share it with ya'll will NOT disappoint!!

Don't forget Mayhem Fest on July 10th in Sacto. Skinlab will be playing the Jager Mobile stage at 2 PM sharp just after WHITECHAPEL... gonna be a crusher!!"

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    June 17, 2009

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