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Scorpion's Rudolph Schenker - "We want this album to show that the Scorpions still kick ass"

Scorpions 2007 In a recent interview with Scorpion's guitarist and founding member Rudolf Schenker, The Gauntlet asked him about the mindset for the bands upcoming album "Sting of the Tail". "We want this album to show that the Scorpions still kick ass and are rocking like a hurricane."

When asked about this being the band's final album and tour, he stated "We were mixing the album and listening to the whole thing and became excited. Our manager came to us with an idea and said why don't you make this your last album as we weren't going to be able to top this. He wants us to leave a good image with the people by still being able to stand on stage and kicking ass, not up there sitting down. That would be the best way to finish the career. We'd have an amazing album and live show to say goodbye. We first thought he was joking then after doing some thinking thought that would be the best thing to do. Everyone has their own things going on outside of the band now."

You can read the entire interview with Rudolf Schenker here.

After the release of their next album (Sting in the Tail, release date: March 23rd, Universal Music
Enterprises) and a three-year mammoth tour, which will take them across five continents, one of the most successful rock bands in the world, SCORPIONS, will be ending their career. The band broke the news on their website on Sunday.

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    January 29, 2010

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