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Metallica’s James Hetfield: “I’m a Little Skeptical of Getting the Vaccine”

Metallica (2008) As the concert industry begins to open up again, Metallica frontman James Hetfield admits he’s “a little skeptical” about getting a COVID vaccine. It turns out that the metal legend didn’t even receive any vaccinations as a kid, due to religious reasons.

In a recent interview with the Fierce Life podcast (transcribed by Blabbermouth), which focuses on hunting and firearms, Hetfield was asked if Metallica plan on doing some touring this year. He answered, “I have no clue. It’s not up to me. It really is up to the safety of everyone — not just the fans, but the crew and us. I’m not sure what that means in the future as far as vaccines. I’m a little skeptical of getting the vaccine, but it seems to be rolling out and people are getting it and I’ve got lots of friends that have done it.”

He added, “I’m not totally sure about it. But I hope it doesn’t come to a point where you have to have that COVID stamp in your passport or something to go everywhere. But if it comes down to that, then I’ll make a decision then. We got vaccinated to go to Africa, so it’s not like I’ve never been vaccinated before. But as a kid, I never got vaccinations ’cause of our religion [Christian Science]. So that was the only time I got one — when we were going on safari in Africa.”

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    May 07, 2021

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