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Tickets to Limp Bizkit's comeback show are free, damage to your rep will cost you

Limp Bizkit (2009) Limp Bizkit will be now performing it's comeback show on July 18th at Sin City's Pearl Concert Theatre in Las Vegas. The rapcore quartet was originally scheduled to perform at UFC 100 Unleashed but a dispute over filming rights killed that plan. The good news for fans is that the show will be free. The bad news is what attending my do to your street cred. If you feel you must attend to hear classics like 'Nookie,' 'Break Stuff,' and 'All 2 Gether Now,' a disguise might be in order. Also don't wear the 'I Love Fred Durst' t-shirt you buy the day after the show. The excuse 'I only went to see Wes Borland play' is no longer valid. He has lost a lot of respect after re-re-joining Limp Bizkit after pinky swearing he'd never to it again.

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    July 08, 2009

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