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Posted on May 25 2019

Enforcer "Zenith" Album Review

One thing that separates many of today’s younger metal bands from the legends that inspired them is that many of them are reluctant to change their sound. Most have found a style that they like, identified with it, and stuck to it. They’d rather rely on a day job to pay their bills than make a living compromising their music.


Posted on May 25 2019

The Top 10 Metal Driving Songs

The Top 10 Metal Driving Songs


Posted on April 29 2019

Italian Legendary Heavy Metallers SKANNERS has released their new album “Temptation”

Bolzano, Italy based heavy metal legends SKANNERS were formed in 1982. FFO- DEEP PURPLE, IN FLAMES, SAVAGE


Posted on April 29 2019

NECRONOMICON throws down and dares you to fight back with 'Advent of the Human God'

NECRONOMICON are touring in support of their pulverizing new album, 'Advent of the Human God'


Posted on April 29 2019

HYPOXIA Comin' Atcha' Long and Hard

Please contain your visceral euphoria with "Abhorrent Disease", the decimating new album from New York City death metal outfit HYPOXIA


Posted on April 29 2019

Swedish black metallers MURDRYCK have unleashed the first single "Sea Spirit of the Night" worldwide

Demonic Swedish black metal duo MURDRYCK's sophomore album, Födelsen, is nearing its release date.


Posted on April 26 2019

SAXON Thunderbolt strikes and Devastates Tulsa, OK

Saxon - To commemorate their 40th anniversary, Biff Byford and co. covered a good variety of their history, as best as they could with twenty-two albums under their belts in less than two hours.


Posted on April 26 2019

Rammstein Release New Video

Rammstein have released a video for their new single Radio.


Posted on April 26 2019

Hear System of a Down’s Serj Tankian Sing Blue Oyster Cult’s Wild ‘Godzilla’

Song will appear on Godzilla: King of the Monsters soundtrack, out this spring


Posted on April 25 2019

Satanic Temple: IRS has designated it a tax-exempt church

The Satanic Temple says it’s a “non-theistic” group and members are not literal devil worshippers.


Posted on April 24 2019

Power Thrash kings "Calamity" come at you in brutal fashion with "Kairos"

Brutal Thrash Metal from "Calamity" FFO: Havoc, Gama Bomb, Lich King, Bonded By Blood


Posted on April 24 2019

Dark Black metal monsters ENTHRONED have released a slaytanic new track from their upcoming album "Cold black suns"

Get your Lucifer on with satanic minions "ENTHRONED"


Posted on April 24 2019

Punk rock poets "GRIM STREAKER" release debut album "NO VISION"



Posted on April 24 2019

LOST DOG STREET BAND: Weight Of A Trigger LP Hits #5 On Billboard Bluegrass Chart

Album Out Now Through Anti-Corporate Music + US Tour Begins Today


Posted on April 23 2019


Skull Fist presented a mix of both hard-edge rock with glam metal, they filtered it through a modern and unique sound they created; which they also brought with them to the stage.


Posted on April 22 2019

Filtheater set to release "Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction"

Excelent vintage Death Metal Available 22 April 2019

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