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Posted on December 09 2018

DIMMU BORGIR returns after more than 7 years of silence. With their tenth full-length album, EONIAN

DIMMU BORGIR Eonian (Released May 4, 2018) Nuclear Blast Records FFO-Cradle of Filth, Old Man's Child, Mayhem The Black Metal group DIMMU BORGIR returns after more than 7 years of silence! The Tenth full-length album, called“"Eonian" represents the illusion of time, everything that is and always has been. ---Out worldwide via Nuclear Blast right now!!!!---


Posted on December 09 2018

Satyricon - Deep calleth upon Deep

Satyricon - "Deep calleth upon Deep" is the Metal hit of 2017 and is still making big waves in the metal ocean! So if you haven't went out and bought it by now. Why the fuck not? FFO- Dark Throne,Dimmu Borgir and Emperor


Posted on November 01 2018

Thrash Band Banned From Entering Bar In Utah

Members of New Zealand thrash band Alien Weaponry have been banned from performing at The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Posted on November 01 2018

Top 10 Ways METALLICA Has Let Fans Down

Everyone pretty much agrees that Metallica were great in the 80's, then they started going downhill. The band's decision making process has been called into question many times.


Posted on October 31 2018

STEW Reconnects Rock to its 60s and 70s Roots with 'Hot' EP

Sweden continues to lead the world in per capita music output by a long shot. Once there was a time when critics would say that that's just Black Metal like the rest of the Nordics. Recently I have heard everything but black metal originating from the Swedes.


Posted on October 29 2018

I, ASSASIN Drummer Jay Patterson Endorsed by The London Drumstick Co.!

Their self titled EP, is now available on all major music platforms!


Posted on October 26 2018

Vattica Release Official Music Video


Posted on October 19 2018

Siniestro Set to Drop Arctic Blood on Black Lion Records 10 December 2018

Location: Stockholm, Sweden, Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

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