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Posted on December 09 2018

DIMMU BORGIR returns after more than 7 years of silence. With their tenth full-length album, EONIAN

DIMMU BORGIR Eonian (Released May 4, 2018) Nuclear Blast Records FFO-Cradle of Filth, Old Man's Child, Mayhem The Black Metal group DIMMU BORGIR returns after more than 7 years of silence! The Tenth full-length album, called“"Eonian" represents the illusion of time, everything that is and always has been. ---Out worldwide via Nuclear Blast right now!!!!---


Posted on December 09 2018

Satyricon - Deep calleth upon Deep

Satyricon - "Deep calleth upon Deep" is the Metal hit of 2017 and is still making big waves in the metal ocean! So if you haven't went out and bought it by now. Why the fuck not? FFO- Dark Throne,Dimmu Borgir and Emperor


Posted on November 20 2018

AC/DC: Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd Back, New LP in the can. Tour Line up Set for 2019

According to Anonymous Source


Posted on November 19 2018

JOYOUS WOLF Release Official Music Video for Cover of MISSISSIPPI QUEEN

"Mississippi Queen" Premiered on Loudwire!


Posted on November 15 2018

NACHTEULE to Drop Bergdorf on 21 December 2018

WOLFSPELL RECORDS is proud to present NACHTEULE's striking second album, Bergdorf.


Posted on November 13 2018

Tool Announces Shows With Smashing Pumpkins

Tool Announce Huge Show With Smashing Pumpkins


Posted on November 08 2018

Megadeth's Inaugural MEGACRUISE Announces Line-Up & Public On-Sale

Sail aboard one of the finest vessels in the music cruise industry, the Norwegian Jewel features some of the hottest venues and performance stages on the high seas


Posted on November 08 2018

Morgul to Drop Self Titled MLP Nov 30 2018

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