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Catalyst Bio

Band members
Emil - Guitar Mike - Vocals Doug - Guitar Skinner - Drums TJ - Bass


Catalyst from Port Jervis, NY hails from Orange County, NY, and has been kicking ass for about 7 years now. Formed in 1997, Catalyst began playing their hardcore anthems to fans in many local showcases. As the years passed, the local shows turned into larger shows with bigger bands at better clubs. The band grew and so did their sound.

Starting off as strictly a hardcore band, more of a metallic edge took a hold of the band, and hence landed them a diverse set of fans inside and out of the genre they grew up in. This more modern take on metal, heavy riffing hardcore, has become quite a popular sound these days and Catalyst are naturally poised to become a band of more than a footnote to the scene.

With a history like theirs, eyes and ears are open for this group to finally come into their own and be recognized for the beast they have become.
With 'Two Sides of the Suicide King," their split EP with Calm.Murder, Catalyst offer up 4 tracks of destructive metalcore that will set the foundation for what they are up to next.

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