heavy metal

Elemae Bio

Band members
Craig Cirinelli - Vocals Mark Cooper - Bass Chris Homentosky - Guitars Dan Nolan - Drums


Crafting their own type of alternative rock, Elemae are an amazing upcoming band from New Jersey that have come into their own with this new incredible 7" single. Since proving how accomplished a band they were on their previously released debut full length "A Life To Be Defined" you'd think they'd be as well known as emo rock classics like Sensefield and Texas Is The Reason.

The fact that there are definite similarities to these bands is just a step towards to gaining some idea of what Elemae are all about. "sleeping With Adrenaline" is the sort of song that on one listen creates an instant appeal and a need to own the record! The song is, in short a perfect emotional rock song, charged with energy, fluid in melody and both hard-hitting and warm in sound. Backed with the awesome 'Science Kit' taken from their debut album.

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