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Band members
Eivind Fjoseide - Guitars Ole Marius - Guitars Tor-Arne Helgesen - Drums Erik Paulsen - Bass Per Spjøtvold - Keyboards Rune - Vocals, Samples


The band was fonded 1988 under the name Suffocation which was changed to Atrox in 1990. Founder members were: Skei (guitars, now in Manes), Svenn (bass), Gersa (vocals), Knarr (drums, later in Bloodthorn and Manes) and Gunder (guitars, later in Godsend), however none of these guys are in the band anymore. They music style was doom/death metal, they recorded a demo and played a couple of gigs.

In 1991 Eivind (guitars,also in Manes) replaced Gunder and in 1992 the band recorded the "Mindshadow" demo. Knarr left the band in 1993 and the other guys recorded the demo "Dead Leaves" with Tomas (Entropy Nova) as a session drummer. Larry (drums, now in Maelstrom) joined the band in 1994 and Atrox recorded a demo that was never "released". Skei left the band, Rune (guitars, now in Tactile Gemma) and Dagga (guitars) joined the band and this line-up played a couple of gigs before getting offers for record deals from Head Not Found and Danza Ipnotica.

In 1996 Monika (vocals and synth, also in Tactile Gemma) joined Atrox, Svenn left and Tommy (bass, later in Griffin) joined . With this line-up (Gersa, Eivind, Larry, Rune, Dagga, Monika and Tommy) Atrox released a 7" entitled "Silence the Echoes" (with one new song and one song from "Dead Leaves") on Danza Ipnotica and an album entitled "Mesmerised" (mostly songs from the previous demos)on Head Not Found, both in 1997. We played a few gigs and after Gersa left the band in 1997 we recorded two demos and spread to labels. We signed with Season of Mist in 1998. The same year Tommy, Larry and Dagga quit and Tor Arne (drums, also in Mist Enticer and Minstrel) joined.

With guest bass player Hingst Hirrbel we recorded "Contentum" which was released in 1999 on Season of Mist. Tom (bass, also in Bethzaida, Mist Enticer, Maelstrom and more) joined the band for a brief time and we played a few gigs. He left the band before we recorded "Terrestrials" in 2000 again with Hingst Hirrbel playing the bass. The album was releasewd in 2001 on Season of Mist. Daniel (bass, also in The Embraced) joined the band in 2001 and we signed a deal with code666.

Rune left the band and Ole Marius (guitars, Manifest) joined. Daniel left and Peter (bass and vocals, also in Fig Leaf and Griffin) joined. With the line-up Eivind, Monika, Tor Arne, Ole Marius and Peter, Atrox recorded the album "Orgasm" which were released by Code666 in 2003. In 2004 Atrox witnessed yet another line-up change, as Monika and Pete left the band for different reasons.

With new members Erik (bass), Per (synths) and Rune (vocals/samplings), Atrox has recently recorded a pre-production of 2 songs for an upcoming album, and done some live shows.

Atrox has gone through major musical development from death metal via doom/death to more melodic and experimental/progressive/avantgarde metal.

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