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In January of 1995, while Humble Gods, with Daddy X (Later of Kottonmouth Kings) singing and Spike (Corporate Avenger, X's brother) on bass guitar, the concept of Corporate Avenger was created. The name was sprung from the interest in a name "of a superhero who would reawaken the connection to the earth and all of creation," and "reinstate the memory of the true history of the Americas to the forefront of national awareness to the masses." The 'superhero' would be the "anti-hero to corporate America in the world bank, illusion of ownership, fear-based monetary system we currently operate under." The concept of the painted faces originally started with Spike in the 80's for no specific reason, but as they all learned more about their culture, it began to take on a meaning of its own.

" At first I did it just to express myself, I would paint my face white with a line down the center to symbolize the fact that I was a gemini, with 2 distinct personalities, at war in the arena of ideas with music and knowledge as my weapons, a war of awareness. " -Spike Xavier

As Spike became more aware of what Christianity did to his ancestors, a line accross the eyes was added. This cross is so he would always remember the suffering of peoples endured in the name of God. After Humble Gods disbanded and Brad joined up with the rest of the Kottonmouth Kings, Spike began to work on the Corporate Avenger project with other people, and eventually was offered to be on Suburban Noize Records by Brad. He helped Spike get in touch with producer Marco Farcone from 1605 Studios in Huntington Beach, CA to work on what was to become the Taxes Are Stealing EP. Members of other 1605 groups playted instruments and made other contributions to the record, while the Corporate Avenger band itself played as well.

2 years before Taxes Are Stealing came out, the song Drug Dealing God was put on a Suburban Noize Records sampler called "Sound of Things to Come...4:20", which also had songs by Grand Vanacular, Big Hoss, Too Rude, DJ Addverse and Pakelika among others. Most Kottonmouth fans received the song well and agreed atleast partly with the message behind the song.

There are an un-countable number of members, as some come and go when they are needed. Other than Spike, there is The Wind, a Cherokee Indian, who also performs vocals. Pakelika of Kottonmouth Kings makes his presence known during Avenger shows as the Visual Assasin he always is. Taxman is the crazy guy with the speakerphone you might see with KMK sometimes (he is on the poster included with the High Society CD). His main purpose is not to perfrom vocals, but rather add a psychotic punk presence every band should have. One day while Spike was playing bass for 20 Dead Flower Childred, he just showed up painted up like Spike and has been with C-A ever since. The backup crew is known as the ATF, who are the guys in all-black and ski masks you see on the Taxes Are Stealing CD, and serve as the band on songs like Enemy of the Gospel and $20 Bill. They include: Rebel One (of Loony BInn), The Insider, 1605.1x, and more.

While Taxes Are Stealing was a gradual, un-rushed process that took a few years to be completed, The New Testament was finished in a few weeks to have something to sell on the S.R.H. Tour. The presence of The Wind can be heard more on The New Testament, and Brad Daddy X and Kumagi produced the tracks this time as well. 3 songs from Taxes Are Stealing were included, to give people a chance to hear some of the older songs, as Taxes Are Stealing is soon to be out of print. Web Of Lies, the first Avenger LP, will be available soon.

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