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Band members
Ivar Bjørnson: guitar Grutle Kjellson: vocals, bass Cato Bekkevold: drums Arve Isdal: lead guitar Herbrand Larsen: keyboards, vocals


"No other extreme band has improved as well with age as these Norse boatmen. Enslaved continue their upward trajectory with a further melding of psychedelic melodies and effects to their black metal heritage," said Terrorizer in review of Below the Lights, the band's 2003 release. Landing at #2 on the magazine's year-end "Album of the Year" writers poll, great things are surely yet to come from this two-time Norwegian Grammy and Alarm Award nominated outfit.

From their base camp in Bergen, Enslaved has given Norwegian extreme metal a unique diversity since their formation in 1991. Their ability to twist various genre-specific elements of musical expression into a wholely new direction is both dynamic and challenging. Isa is the band's latest opus that will bring full circle the band's uncompromising musical qualities and further their worldwide fanbase.

Rock Detector calls Enslaved, "one of the foremost exponents of Viking Metal." The band's first commercially available product was released in 1992 as a split with country-men Emperor. It was followed by a split recording with Satyricon. Tours would keep the band busy while multiple recordings would start to find the band a loyal following. The Peter Tagtgren-produced Blodhemn would further see expansion as the band's participation on Europe's massive metal package - featuring Morbid Angel, The Crown, Behemoth, and Dying Fetus would exponentially increase their profile. The band made their US live debut in 2003.

Recorded at Grieghallen Studios (Mayhem, Emperor), Isa is already finding amazing response on its European release. Isa is an impressive album that is sure to be one for 2005's metal highlights. The band recently completed a video for the album's title track and plan an extensive worldwide tour, expected to hit the US in late spring.

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