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Siege Of Hate
Band members
Bruno Gabai - Vocals and guitar Ricarte Neto - Vocals and guitar George Frizzo - Bass Thiago Feijó - Drums


Siege of Hate (S.O.H.) was created on April, 1997 by Bruno Gabai (from Insanity) and Amaudson Ximenes (Obskure), as a response to the so-called return of Punk/HC which took place at that time, musically led by "Poppy" Punk bands such as Green Day and Offspring, with a "Punk fashion" attitude dictated by media. Back then, S.O.H. was just a parallel project, with only Bruno Gabai (vocals and guitar) and Amaudson Ximenes (guitar) as permanent members, until the line up was definitely completed by Ricarte Neto on bass and Wilker D'Angelo (also from Obskure) on drums. However, after a few gigs and with a response each day more positive from the audience, S.O.H. was little by little turning into a full-time band. On april 1998, they recorded the demo-tape "Return to Ashes", with 09 songs, including a cover from Leprous, old Deathcore band from Fortaleza, Brazil. That demo worked to consolidate S.O.H. definitely as a band, because it achieved an excellent repercussion among public and specialized media. During that period, S.O.H. participated of several compilations and also played the opening act for the show where the band Dorsal Atlântica recorded its live CD, in Fortaleza.

On April, 1999, Amaudson and D'Angelo decided to split. Therefore, it was natural that Bruno invited George Frizzo (Insanity) to assume the bass, while Ricarte Neto changed to the 2nd guitar and backing vocals. For the drums, was hired Joseph Palheta, ex-member from the Thrash Metal band G.S. Truds, who lasted in S.O.H. until October, 2000. At that time, the band was already preparing itself to initiate the pre-production of its 1st full-length CD, Subversive by Nature.

As Joseph split, the three S.O.H. members left went on dedicating themselves exclusively to the rehearsals for the CD, with Bruno Gabai (who was also drummer for the bands Insanity and Griefgiver) assuming temporarily the drums until the recording sessions. In 2001, yet during the recording of "Subversive by Nature", the S.O.H. line up was completed by Thiago Feijó on the drums (drummer also for Kapruk), although he has not participated of the recording sessions.

Some technical problems that occured during the recording caused a delay of several months until the finishing of the CD. On October, 2003, after signing with the label Encore Records, S.O.H. finally releases Subversive by Nature.

On November, 2003, Thiago decides to leave S.O.H. in order to dedicate himself to other projects. Then, he was soon replaced by Saulo Oliveira (from Brietal), who was quickly confirmed as the band's drummer.

Currently, Siege of Hate goes on with the promotion of Subversive by Nature.

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