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Scenteria Bio

Band members
Niklas Pettersson - Guitarist Stefan Persson - Vocals and Guitars Daniel Landin - Drums Johan Andreasson - Bass


Formed in 2002 by long-time friends, guitarist Niklas Pettersson and vocalist/ guitarist Stefan Persson, Scenteria, with drummer Daniel Landin and bassist Johan Andreasson quickly went to work recording two demos. Circulated amongst friends and some local media, each found a growing curiosity amongst listeners as to what the band's future would hold. In 2003 the band moved recording endeavors to local Slaughterhouse Studios and laid down their third demo, "Path of Silence." It would be the recording they would need - signing shortly after completion with Holland's New Aeon/Karmageddon Media. In early 2004 the band fast tracked the production of their full-length debut.

Again utilizing their home studio (with vocals sorted at Slaughterhouse), Act of Aggression is a precise recording that showcases the band's impressive musicianship. Extremely tight, considering the band's age and time together, it has already received high accolades from European media outlets (Germany's Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Belgium's Mindview, Norway's Scream, among others). And now their targets are set on the US.

Mixing the early and popular Swedish death metal sound with that of thrash's classic Bay Area onslaught, Scenteria yield a memorable sound that is likely to please fans of The Haunted, Testament, At the Gates as well as Children of Bodom, and more. Act of Aggression is a solid first offering and one they can comfortably build upon.

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