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Death Before Disco Bio

Death Before Disco
Band members
Ace Zec - Drums Fred de Moor - Guitars Yannick Dumarey - Bass Ioan Kaes - Vocals Birger Finaut - Guitars


Death before Disco as we know it right now, has been together since October 2003. Ever since, it's been going really fast for these guys.
after 4 months of rehearsing and working on songs, they were ready to hit the Ace Studio for pre-productions of their first full length. After a satisfying result, the CCR studio was chosen to record the final versions.
One month after entering, the record was done. Mostly everything, from recording to artwork, the band did themselves, with the help of some people with the required knowledge.
PARTY BULLET was released by the famous Belgian hardcore label GOODLIFE on May 11th 2004, only 8 months after the first rehearsals and has been getting overwhelming reactions, worldwide. Ever since then, things were going even faster for them.
They played shows and toured as much as they could, bringing them to Ireland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, ... and sharing the stage with bands like Shai Hulud, Thursday, Strung Out, Coheed and Cambria, Heaven Shall Burn, Congress, Liar and many more.

DbD's music proves it is possible to create original, intense, heavy and catchy music that can reach a huge audience, without having to be labelled as sell-outs. Ace, Fred, Yannick, Ioan and Birger are still working their asses off to spread their message to anyone who wants to hear it, to anyone who's open for it and will continue to do so until every single heart beats to the rhythms they provide...

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