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Mental Horror Bio

Mental Horror
Band members
Cesar C - Vocals, Bass Adriano Martini - Guitars Robles Dresch - Drums


Mental Horror started in 1993 as a traditional death metal band, following the leading bands of that era. In the beginning of 1995 they released their first demo tape which was very well received in the underground scene. Having personnel problems in the beginning, the line-up was at last stabilized in September 1997, with only Cesar C. remaining from the band's original incarnation. Drummer Robles Dresch and guitarist Adriano Martini joined the fold and Mental Horror finally could pursue their goal: to play the most relentles and fastest extreme death metal ever heard!

The first ripping tracks of sheer musical atrocity were recorded in February 1998: the demo tape 'Extreme evolutive trauma'. This demo was hailed by the underground media as the most extreme demo ever recorded in Brazil. This demo release led to extensive gigging throughout Brazil. Today, more then 1150 demo tapes have been distrubuted across the scarred face of the death metal underground, earning the utmost respect from not just maniacs in Brazil but throughout the whole world.

As the band honed their lethal art to a razor sharp level of precision, they entered the studio to record a split CD for Brazil's Mutilation Records which also sold extremely well. August 2002, Mental Horror recorded their debut album which ups the stakes in the extreme death metal corner of the world. By now Mental Horror produces (some of) the most insane, brutal, chaotic and apocalyptic extreme death metal ever heard! The end of music for the end of days! This album did very well and got fine reviews all over the scene.

Not settling down, the band soon started preparing their second full length opus, which was finally immortalized in December 2003, with its release now in late September 2004. It seemed impossible, yet MENTAL HORROR succeeded in adding even more speed, aggression and insanity to the eleven new tracks, the eleventh one being a special bonus song for this release. Fitting artwork completes this brutal and essential death metal release perfectly.

Now dwell with us into the abyssic Lovecraftian world of MENTAL HORROR!

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