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Internal Suffering Bio

Internal Suffering
Band members
Fabio - Vocals Leandro - Guitars Andrés - Bass Edwin - Drums


Internal Suffering was born in November 1996 from the ashes of their previous band Suffer as a cuartet when Fabián (Vocals), Leandro (Guitars), Andrés (Bass) & Jorge (Drums) decided to play an even faster, heavier & more brutal death metal style.

1999 was the time to enter the studio to record their long awaited CD debut 'Supreme knowledge domain', for Spanish underground label Qabalah Productions. The album was unleashed in September 2000 and sold very well worldwide.

In April 2000, the band entered the studio again to record their Promo 2000 which features three new tracks plus an improved version of their cult track 'Outside dwellers'. This Promo caught the attention of many labels worldwide, one was Japan's Macabre Mementos Records who offered the band to release a 6 trax MCD entitled 'Unmercyful extermination'. This MCD was released in March 2001.

After many proposals from around the globe, in September 2001, Internal Suffering decided to sign with Dutch label Displeased Records to release their 2nd full length album. The band started the studio sessions almost immediately, during more than 10 days the band concentrated 100% on the new recording, creating one of the most technical, complex, brutal & intense death metal albums of the year. The album 'Chaotic matrix' got its release in June 2002 and was very well received worldwide, with killer reviews and excellent sales.

With the many tours all over the globe, Internal Suffering proved they could easily reproduce their extreme pummeling brutal death metal live as well, with full force and dedication. Over the years they built up a large following.

In 2004 Internal Suffering and Displeased Records took a serious step forward to work on the band's third full length album with sound mastermind Erik Rutan, aiming for an extreme new death metal highlight, yet professionally produced to reach a wider audience of metal fans. The songs on 'Choronzonic force domination' are very mature, dark and blasting, and with the excellent 'open' production & amazing story-telling cover artwork, this third full length will be an absolute must for many death metal fans worldwide!

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