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Brutal Fight Bio

Brutal Fight
Band members
Matt Hagan - Guitars Jerry Carlson - Drums Joel Andrew - Bass Tim Martin - Vocals Cody Hayes - Guitar


In the hardcore scene today many would say that the message has turned from a message of unity to a message of divisiveness. It has turned from a scene where the outcast could find a home and could fit in no matter who they were, what
they looked like or what they believed, to a place where cliques and expectations of fashion and lifestyles come before friendship.

Since 2000 Brutal Fight has been working against what would divide the scene. They are a hardcore band that gives grace and embraces compassion to all people, even to those who wish to divide the scene. This grace comes from each members own experience with the unsurpassing grace that has changed all of their lives. Their hope is to be a band that brings unity back into the scene and to pass on the grace given to them from God. Brutal Fight is not about preaching at shows but showing through actions.

Musically Brutal Fight has been described as one of the most aggressive hardcore bands around. They draw influences from such bands as Turmoil, Buried Alive, Coalesce, Converge and Meshugah. Their lyrics are written about life and how they have experienced it. Brutal Fight has toured the west coast numerous times and has toured Europe twice. After being newly signed to Strikefirst Records they plan to continue touring the world striving to bring unity and friendship to the scene. Their debut full length will be out in late 2004 / early 2005 on Strike First Records.

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