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Band members
Les Huber Chris Huber Todd Brashear Derrick Richards


Carlsbad, New Mexico is a small town of 25,000 nestled between mountaineous terrain and desert isolation. Three hours from the closest interstate it is the homebase for Les and Chris Huber, Todd Brashear and Derrick Richards collectively (and to some already) known as KRYOBURN.

For the past three years this metallic four-piece have braved their way from sea to sea, making stops and friends along the way. It was during a performance in El Paso that the band would would make introduction and impress Eddy Garcia of Pissing Razors fame. Numbers exchanged and months later, the five men would regroup to lay down sounds that would ultimately become Enigmatic Existence - the blistering debut album from a band that won't stay small much longer.

"This is one band that plays it like they want to and damn the rules. KRYOBURN plays with a Pantera-like fury but their songwriting is so different that to compare the two is almost impossible," says Vocalist/guitarist Todd Brashear says, "we have only begun to create. We have a vision and will continue to pursue that."

Pooling the sounds and styles of Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and the early power and might of Pantera, KRYOBURN are a young band with a world of possibility. Ignite....

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