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Slumber Bio

Band members
Ehsan Kalantarpour - keyboards Jari Lindholm - guitars & vocals Daniel Albertsson - guitars Siavosh Bigonah - vocals Ted Larsson - drums Mikael Brunkvist - bass


The haunting music of six-piece, Swedish-based Slumber is a fresh and unique mixture of early doom and melodic death that is sure to intrique first-time audiences and see to the start of the band's eventual US fanbase. Formed in 2001, the band recorded two sparingly distributed demos before this, their full-length debut. Holland's Karmageddon/New Aeon Media immediately signed the band and final works on Fallout were complete.

Chocked full of elaborate and impressive arrangements, the compositions contained on Fallout are nothing short of breathtaking. Recorded at Chaos Practice and Panic Room Studios, it features the gifted works of vocalist Siavosh Bigonah, guitarist/vocalist Jari Lindholm, guitarist Aniel Albertsson, keyboardist Ehsan Kalantarpour, bassist Mikael Brunkvist, drums/percussionist Ted Larsson with additional keyboardist Daniel Beckman. Fans of Katatonia, My Dying Bride, early Amorphis, Opeth, Tiamat and Therion pay attention here - you don't want to miss this band!

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