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Sturmgeist Bio

Band members
Asgeir Mickelson - Drums Henrik Strømme - Guitars John E. Jacobsen - Guitars Cornelius von Jackhelln - Vocals


Action über alles : enough was enough! In the autumn of MMII, STURMGEIST realized that certain "Metal" musicians had an attitude problem. It was time for a crackdown.STURMGEIST went berserk in the rehearsal room of the poser-witch. He found tights, make-up, trainers, caps, piles of indecent material.STURMGEIST took offense, and burned it.There were pink and yellow instruments, unbearable bursts of colour. STURMGEIST burned them.There were unmanly books of chatter, and romantic movies. STURMGEIST had them feed the flames. Angry songwriting began.STURMGEIST (Cornelius von Jackhelln, founding member of Solefald) went south of Heaven, under a funeral moon and t the reign of fire - of course with a big jug of dark beer in his hand! In the flames of passion, STURMGEIST felt a desperate need for music with a more martial, and manly attitude - an inner necessity for Grim Germanic Thrash. Denied a cultural identity in a time that favors the tracing of all other kinds of roots, STURMGEIST wanted to explore his own Germanic ancestry. "Meister Mephisto" is the result of this quest. STURMGEIST's first solo album is produced by Terje Refsnes and recorded at Sound Suite Studio in Provence, France, in the Spring of MMIV. The album merges the ambient aggression of Norwegian Black Metal with the affirmative attitude of the Viking virtues. The song "Ragnarok" is adapted from one of STURMGEIST's poems, and tells the end of the Nordic world. "Erlkönig", "Rattenfänger" and the two movements of "Walpurgisnacht" are musical renderings of three Goethe poems. Where "Army of Odin" tells about Viking warfare, "Shock and Awe" is a comment on the invasion of Iraq. "Master Hunter" tells the story of a giant cat in Schwarzwald, that chases hunters and kills them with drink. STURMGEIST strongly recommends that listening to "Meister Mephisto" be accompanied by the proper beverages. STURMGEIST is for all the party in man.

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