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Band members
Sathonys - guitar, vocals Felix ?. Walzer - keyboards Darin "Eddie" Smith - bass Matthias R. - drums Frank "Akaias" Nordmann - vocals, guitar


It's been almost three years since AGATHODAIMON released their last album "Chapter III". Much has happened since then, a period in which was used intensely by the band to change some internal structures, work on their style and polish it up. And the long waiting was definitely worth it. "Serpent's Embrace" shows the capabilities of a band that presents their best album so far, blessed by a superior production,again recorded at the Kohlekeller Studio (Crematory etc.) but doesn't need to fear any comparisons. Concerning the musical aspect, AGATHODAIMON again display a wide range of styles, which fit perfectly into the album as a whole. Lifted up from the cradle in 1995, the band since then always strived for progression and evolution, beginning with their early demos, their milestone-debut "Blacken The Angel", and continued with the progressive "Higher Art Of Rebellion"-album, which widely crossed the borders of black metal. "Chapter III" then displayed the quintessence of their history and also the turning point for "Serpent's Embrace". Their latest opus shows a band that is operating on a high musical level, far away from following any trends or restrictions of genres. Guitarist/vocalist Sathonys explains: "AGATHODAIMON has always been a band that tries to develop its style into something unique, while having an eye and ear on the song structures and steady progression of the band. We don't try to be different just for the sake of it. Our progression will always be a natural one. The songs became more mature with every release, some things simply shouldn't be rushed if you want to achieve a convincing result." Therefore, "Serpent's Embrace" is a well-worked out album, showing many elements of today's extreme metal, without denying the roots of AGATHODAIMON. Beginning with the opening track "Cellos For The Insatiable" which portraits the rhythm-oriented aspects of the band as well as the way this quintet manages to weave modern elements into black metal. The title track then displays the affinity for theatrical music, supported by a catchy chorus and a big amount of clean vocals. "Light Reborn" then is another good example for more of a modern sound and accentuated riffing, enriched by a clean hook line, excellent guitar solos and an impressive synth-part. "Faded Years" flows like molten lava and even partly reminds of their classic song "Banner Of Blasphemy", including a fast blastbeat-passage. "Solitude" then is the album's ballad, a habit that AGATHODAIMON started with their second album. This time, there's not even distorted guitars, the song itself is mostly based on the excellent vocals of Ophelia, who already had some guest appearances in the past ("Blacken The Angel" etc.) and the excellent keyboards/synths. "Limbs Of A Stare" then is one of the most brutal songs on this record, packed with intensity and lots of variation, followed by "The Darkness Inside" which features again catchy melodies and vocal lines, mixed with a solid groove. "Feelings" then sums up the album with a very atmospheric and emotional song that has a moody outro, led by acoustic guitars. AGATHODAIMON prove that they know how to deliver excellent songs, or to be more precise, an excellent album that doesn't feature any flaws, but lots of positive aspects and therefore should be a must for metal-gourmets that are looking for something special in this crowded scene.

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