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Bestia Bio

Band members
Reivo - bass Art - guitar Andres - guitar Tarmo - vocals



- In March Andres & Andres start rehearsing, just with guitar and drums.
- After a while Tarmo is recruited to torment the microphone.
- In September bass player Reivo joins the trio.
- The first concert takes place on the 19th of October.


- In January Koll takes over the vocals, Tengo joins in as lead-guitarist.
- The first live in full line-up is given on the 13th of January.
- After some throwbacks, "Demo 2001" (recorded under pretty peculiar circumstances) is released at the end of May.
- In late summer / early fall reviews and interviews start to emerge.
- The 1st of December goes down to chronicles as the day of the 13th concert.


- In the beginning of January the listeners of the Estonian radio show "Metallion" voted our "Demo" to 5th place in the Estonian metal chart 2001.
- The cold winds of January bring along the departure of Andres (drums) and Tengo (guitar) due to musical disagreements.
- Beleth and Rainer join in June / July with second guitar and drums.
- The 31st of August Bestia give the first concert of the year in new line-up.
- Synth player Art joins the band in November.


- Hand in hand with the dawning of August Bestia hit Guano Studios to the horror of drum microphones.
- Due to personal reasons Koll leaves the group in summer and Beleth on the verge of September.
- So Art throws the keys into the nearest bush and grabs for the six-string beast.
- September: Tarmo (our former singer) is invited back to the band and we start immediately recording of vocals for new songs.
- Limited promo cd-r "Suremise teine tee" released on October, 20.


- April - Bestia participates on two Estonian metal compilations.
- May - our first full-length recording Hallutsinatsioon is ready. Promos are sent to labels and magazines.
- Rainer (drums) decides to leave the band.
- 23. July - Hallutsinatsioon is released by Hexenreich Records.

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