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A. Crassicauda Bio

A. Crassicauda
Band members
Tony Aziz - Guitars Faisal Talal - Guitars and Vocals Firas - Bass Marwan - Drums and Vocals


The black scorpion from Iraq...

We put together a heavy metal band called A. Crassicauda. It's a five-man group that models itself on Slayer, Metallica, and Machine Head; A. Crassicauda sings in English. A. Crassicauda is working now on their first album. Acrassicauda is heavy metal from Iraq started in 2000-2001 and it's the only metal band in iraq for now.

They are essential playing heavy metal style they are known by their style and lyrics between the rockers in their country.


Its a group of men who have a lot of dreams to be known in the whole world .

They was group of some guitar players and drums player Faisal Waleed the x vocals for the band and another guitar player his name Waleed too and Marwan .
And from the other side there was a two guitar player Faisal and Marwan they was looking for a lead guitar player they did find Tony and he linked up with them then after a few weeks they did some changes in the band when the guitar player Waleed left the band so they add new man to the band he was the bass player Firas .

So after that they chose the name for the band and then the band start the way as a real band that contains good players who have the same goal.

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