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Act Of God
Band members
Victoria Perminova - soprano Vesnin Ilia - guitar Andreev Alexander - bass Vesnina Irina - keyboards Grigoriev Roman - drums


The Snark was formed in late 1996 in Perm-city, by three school friends, as a punk-rock band. At period since 1996-1999 in band played many musicians of the different level and 1998 was a recorded demo under name "For Mirror Dream", sustained in post-punk key. By spring of 1999 we changed the guitar and keys player. In 2000 recording demo from 3 songs in doom/black atmosphere with funereal keys, clear feminine and black male vocals. On length of this time quintet actively acts in Perm and in other cities. In the period since November 2001 till March 2002 we sat in R-Line studio and were recording our first album "…for Demon". From this moment group is renamed on "Act Of God". And in April in the club "Hunter" there was a presentation of an album "…for Demon". The stylistics were changed. Music becomes more rigid and more aggressive. During 1999-2003 there were a lot concerts with such group as "Warhead", "Alkonost", "Atoll Nerat", "Grenouer", "Sinful", "Tintagel", "Miscreant" and many others. In December of 2002 there comes time to part with Dennis "Dan" Chudinov - bass (one of the founders) and have found bass - Alexander Andreev (Groth, Inside Decay, Fermented Corps) and now all vocal perform by Victoria.

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