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Dennis Mikus


EISHEILIG, founded in 1998, plays atmospheric and dark rock, embellishing their compositions with German lyrics. Their trademark sound includes modern synths that meet with a both brutal and moving guitar lines, finally coming together with the melancholic voice of singer Dennis Mikus.

In 1999, the band released a 7-track demo that paid homage to the apocalypse and all its spiritual and stirring facets. In late 2000, after receiving outstanding reviews from the German media and appearing at festival shows such as Wave-Gothic Treffen in Leipzig and the Euro Rock Festival in Belgium, Napalm Records took the band under contract in late November of the same year.

In 2001, EISHEILIG released their self-titled debut delighting press and fans alike. In November the band hits the road for a 2-week German tour with L`Ame Immortelle and Garden of Delight continuing to appear live throughout 2002.

The following year, the band turned its attention to their forthcoming release, while splitting with guitar player Hardy due to personal problems. EISHEILIG worked the entire year to develop new material and record "Die Gärten Des Herrn" during the month of Sept. in Mohrmann Studios with Dennis and Heinrich Mikus as producers.

The melancholic and despondent atmosphere so prevalent on their first release remains, yet the new tracks are rockier and more straightforward than on the debut.

All lyrics are written in German and leave much to self-interpretation, because although the title may seem to imply a Christian theme, EISHEILIG does not carry a religious message. Dennis often works with Christian symbolism without ever forgetting that where there is good, evil is not too far behind; No God without the Devil, no good without bad - both complementing each other and allowing the other to exist.

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