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Chimaira Bio

Band members
Jason Hager - guitars
Mark Hunter - vocals
Rob Arnold - guitars
Andy Herrick - drums
Jim LaMarca - bass
Chris Spicuzza - electronics


"There's more to rock ‘n' roll in Ohio than the kind found in the Hall Of Fame. On This Present Darkness, Cleveland metalcore sextet Chimaira brings to mind the big, thrashy riffs and heavy guitar tone of classic Machine Head, paired with blood vessel-bursting vocal screams similar to Zao."-CMJ New Music Report

Chimaira (pronounced Ki-meer-a) was spawned in 1998, by guitarist Jason Hager of the now defunct Cleveland hardcore-metal outfit Ascension. After several U.S. tours, and receving national attention, Hager decided to pursue a different musical direction. Luckily he didn't have to look much farther than his own backyard.

Due to his strength as a songwriter and his intense drive, Mark Hunter, formerly of Cleveland's Skipline, was the most obvious choice when it came time to look for vocal talent. Mark's lyrical content transcends that of the average musician, attacking the darker side of human emotions brought on by traumatic relationships and lost loved ones, fresh scabs itching to be picked away.

After countless trials, the Chimaira family was finally solidified after recruiting guitarist Rob Arnold, drummer Andy Herrick , bassist Jim LaMarca, and Chris Spicuzza on electronics.

Homer describes the Chimæra as a creature with a goat's body, a lion's head, and a dragon's tail, a group of animals combining to form one grotesque new monster. This description isn't that far off. The ugliness brought forth by Chimaira's intense mix of blinding aggression, scathing melody and sheer brutality has already started to leave its mark on an unsuspecting world.

In their first few months together, Chimaira shared billing in support of national acts Machine Head, The Misfits, S.O.D, Vision of Disorder, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Napalm Death, Puya, Snapcase, Will Haven, Candiria, Overkill, and Zao to huge response.

And, the band has as of late found an ally in the form of Des Moines death merchants Slipknot, who in the middle of a recent interview on a major Cleveland radio station forced the DJ to stop the interview to play Chimaira's "Dead Inside".

But, the release of their debut EP, "This Present Darkness", on East Coast Empire Records, had helped the band generate some radio action of their own. On the strength of EP track "Painting the White to Grey" the band spent over 3 months on all the major radio charts including CMJ, FMQB and Album Network, most of that time residing comfortably in the top 10, receiving spins on hundreds of major market stations like 93X and WSOU.

Chimaira has since embarked on a mission to destroy everything in their paths, reeking havoc everywhere they go. The band's massive fan base comes out in droves every time they play, often turning a simple show into a near-riot. And from the first pummeling note, Chimaira's aggression animates on stage as every instrument unearths emotions better left buried, combining to unleash the collective monster lurking beneath the surface.

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