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Band members
Erik Molarin - Male vocals Lotta Höglin - Female vocals Jonas Strömberg - Drums Robert Vintervind - Guitar/Programming Daniel Elofsson - Bass Mikael Back - Keyboard


The present... DRAMA (2004)
The drama of Beseech never ends... the new album "Drama" reflects life, human thoughts and the darker side of mind. This 4th release from the Swedish sextet is in many ways a natural follow-up to the highly acclaimed album "Souls Highway", but when Klas Bohlin left the band after ten years, a different process took over as Beseech began to work more as a team.

The changes affected the music on "DRAMA"-the compositions became more experimental, groovier, presented a heavier sound, and both music and lyrics reflected more attitude than ever before. Yet the atmosphere, emotions, and variations that have become the hallmark of Beseech remained strong. "Drama" will be released worldwide via NAPALM RECORDS on 26 January 2004.

From the beginning... (1992)
The history of Beseech finds its birth in 1992, in the band's hometown of Borås (near Gothenburg), Sweden when a couple of guys talked about forming a band. Later that year the first demo was recorded and soon thereafter the band became deeply involved in the underground scene, participating in various compilation CD's.

From a bleeding heart (1995-1998)
Beseech signed their first record deal in 1995 with We Bite/Corrosion Records, recording their first album "...from a bleeding heart" for the label. The music was atmospheric doom/death metal and made use of such classical instruments as the cello, violin and piano, as well as intermittent male and female vocals. Unfortunately, the label suffered a major economic setback and could not release the album. Not until 1998, after Beseech was released from its contract with We Bite/Corrosion Records and secured a deal with Metalblade, did "from a bleeding heart" see the light of day. The delay made it hard for Beseech to focus on the record with its by now old material. New ideas were already brewing and following a promotional period, including many magazine and radio interviews, Beseech and Metalblade Records parted ways.

Black Emotions & The tour (2000-2001)
In 1999, Beseech signed a worldwide deal with Pavement Music and began work on their 2nd release "Black emotions". The music took a different direction than the doom/death-oriented sound found on the first album. It experimented with a more gothic style and cleaner vocals, but the atmosphere and spirit of Beseech was not lost to this new development. Lotta Höglin (female singer) joined Beseech at the same time contributing her strong and beautiful voice. "Black Emotions" was released in mid 2000 and the response was tremendous-receiving outstanding reviews and much airtime. Beseech promoted the album by joining forces with Theatre of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil during their 2001 European tour. As a result of this exposure, Beseech gained a larger fan base and earned themselves a name in the metal/goth-scene. Shortly after the tour, Jorgen Sjöberg (vocals) left the band and Beseech braced for a new era.

Due to the unstable economic outlook of Pavement Music, Beseech decided to part ways with the label in 2001. By then, the latest addition to the Beseech line-up, Erik Molarin (vocals), was in place. His majestic voice complimented Lotta Höglin's (female singer) vocal lines perfectly.

Movie soundtrack (2002)
In 2002, a Canadian film company, Brimstone Productions, approached Beseech to feature three songs from the "Black Emotions" album (Manmade Dreams, Neon Ocean and Lunar Eclipse) on the soundtrack (with bands such as Entombed) to the B horror movie "Alien Agenda 5 - Alien Conspiracy". The movie was released in 2002.

Souls highway (2002)
The search for a new label began directly after the recording of a new demo tape. Beseech finally signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records after negotiating with myriad other labels. Work on "Souls Highway" began in 2001 and the album was released in mid 2002. The resonance surrounding "Souls Highway" was incredible-the album received euphoric raves and honors by critics and fans worldwide. By the end of 2002 a music video for the track "Between the lines" was released via the Internet and downloaded by thousands of people all over the world.

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