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Band members
Rich Lindamood - vocals Hector - bass Jimmy - drums John - guitar Andy - guitar


The Orange County, CA band Cheva has paid its dues for almost 10 years. Within this time Cheva have been crafting and perfecting their heavy sound. By no means can Chevas style be summed up by some trendy label. Cheva is not nu-metal, metal-core, screamo, or happy hardcore. Quite simply, Cheva is a metal/hard rock band that is here to stay. Many trends have come and gone in OC, but Cheva have kept their integrity and continue to play the music they love, Metal! It is critical to mention that some major lineup changes have recently occurred and as a result, Cheva have found the unique and powerful sound they have always dreamed of. In May of 2006 Rich Lindamood of 13 Scars and Jahmbi, joined forces and became the new front man of Cheva. Rich belts out screams that would make Phil Anselmo blush, but somehow his great lyrics still come across clearly. Rich also proved quickly that he can command an audience with ease. Furthermore Andrew Bogert, former drummer of DreamWorks records artist, Pressure 4-5 and original drummer for Cheva has returned to the band on guitar. Cheva is now; Jimmy Schultz (Drums), Andrew Bogert (Guitar), John Lunden (Guitar), Hector Gonzalez (Bass) and Rich Lindamood (Vocals).

The bands wide range of influences defines their unique sound. The influences include, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Slipknot, Cynic, Mudvayne, Chimaira, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Nevermore, Faith No More, The Doors, Sick of it All, Rush, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden. Rich sites his vocal influences as being; Chris Cornell, Cory Taylor, Phil Anselmo and Zach De La Rocha.

Through continuous gigging all around southern California, Cheva eventually built up a loyal following. In 2001 the band caught the attention of the up and coming label, Embryo Records based in Las Vegas, NV. They signed and fulfilled a two year record deal and are now in the process of shopping their brand new EP, Nameless. Some notable shows for Chevas resume include The House of Blues, Anaheim with Laguna Coil, Drowning Pool, etc and the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles with metal heavyweights Slayer!

Chevas professional reputation helped them to achieve endorsements from Jagermeister and Dean Guitars. Cheva has recorded in many well known studios including, Ocean Way in Hollywood, Ca and Grand Master Studios in Hollywood, Ca. Having survived all the trends that have come and gone in Orange County for that long has not been easy but just shows you how much passion they have for what they do. ( ...Cheva have endured the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with trying to make it in the music business, and they still maintain. Through adversity, Cheva has stayed true to its roots (

With the current level of talent, Cheva's live performances sound incredible. The band is hungrier than ever before and is available to resign with another record label. Cheva's song writing capabilities, originality, professional attitude and total dedication are a winning formula for success in the music business.

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