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Callisto Bio

Band members
Johannes Nygård - guitar Juho Niemelä - bass Ariel Björklund - drums Markus Myllykangas - vocals/guitar


Callisto is slowly but surely beginning to gain public notice within the European metal and hardcore audience. The band has already received surprisingly fanatic support among small circles in different parts of the continent. True Nature Unfolds is their debut album and altogether third release.

With the current lineup and name, Callisto has been around for two and a half years of which the latter has been easily the most hectic. Including shows in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Baltic countries with bands such as Nine, Entombed, Shai Hulud, Cult Of Luna, Burst, From Ashes Rise, Defleshed, Koma, Swallow The Sun and Rotten Sound. Add to that the writing process of new material which has also taken it's share of time and energy. However, all this has worked for the benefit of future endeavours.

True Nature Unfolds wanted to be conceived with great ambition along with people genuinely interested in the band. Nasum-vocalist/guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk (i.e. Nine, Nasum, Millencolin, Rotten sound) recorded and produced the album at his own Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden, with the assistance of Jonas Olsson, who had been doing the preliminary work and pre-production in Finland before entering the studio. The finishing touches were put to the album by the master of masterers, Peter In de Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah, Entombed etc.).

Callisto's blend of of pop-sensibilities and aggression makes for a delicate but still massive and purposeful form of metal which, even though may seem pretentious, comes natural to them. The band doesn't fall short of its own impossibility, making them one of the most considerable acts along with fellow colleagues. True Nature Unfolds is able to create a huge wave of emotions, bringing the endtimes before the eyes of the listener. The Scandinavian overtones and repressing melodies lead to the depths of the human mind, where even hope lives occasionally.

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