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Torchbearer Bio

Band members
Pär Johansson - vocals Christian Älvestam - Guitar Mikael Degerman - Bass Henrik Schönström - Drums Göran Johansson - Guitar


The band was formed in 2003, Pär and Christian had been long time friends since back in the days when there bands Unmoored and also Satariel was at Pulverised Rec.
Several years later the guys finally decided to do start a new band, they contacted Omer from ColdRec to negotiate a contract. Omer at That time hadnt heard anything about this band, Just that they had some other good musicians they had asked to be a part of this Thrash/Death/Black band. After listening to 2 songs, They got a contract and ColdRec signed the band. Several options of band names came up, but in the end they took a name from Christians Unmoored songs, Torchbearer. Pär did the artwork for the cd, he is also the one who did the Incapacity Logo, So it fellt naturally for him to take this assignment.
The Lyrics of the debut cd is Yersinia Pestis which is The Black Death.
The guitar solos that you can hear from the cd is done by Thomas Johansson, guestmusician (Unmoored).

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