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Valume Nob
Band members
Frey Thieler - Guitars Marshall Black - Vocals Kirk Windstein - Bass Sid Montz - Drums

post hardcore

Valume Nob, the hottest hardcore act in New Orleans. This band is making a statement whenever it plays. The band derives from a number of veteran musicians who were signed to different record deals in a few of New Orleans' heaviest underground bands such as Graveyard Rodeo, New Religion, Crowbar, and Down. These maniacs have been pounding and paving the way underground for the past ten years, before heavy was cool and before mainstream was ready for it.
Now that we have a new generation of kids who have been exposed to the underground scene for a while, and a society that is tired of being force fed radio pop crap, the doors have opened for something like this and it couldn't be any sweeter. Valume Nob delivers the most hardcore, punk, heavy metal sound you will ever hear and as far as their stage presence, well you better just catch the show for that.

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