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Vreid Bio

Band members
Hvall - Bass Steingrim - Drums Sture - Vocals Ese - Guitar


Every new band starts out with a hope, a goal and an expectation of great things to come. Partnering with their overall concept, musical vision and personal credence to their craft, they set out to cultivate a following and create a sound that all others will grow to like and respect. In the case of Norway's Vreid so much of this initial groundwork lays in the band's previous efforts - then the working nucleus of the much heralded band, Windir. With the tragic death of the band's singer in 2004, the rest of the band regrouped and decided to herald on.

In Kraft, Vreid, Norwegian for "wrath," have composed an impressive first offering that is sure to find acclaim far and wide. Upon its European release, Holland's Vampire Magazine claimed, "an absolute fantastic album," noting the recording's diversity and sheer creativity; heavy, dark, aggressive and absolutely dominating Norwegian extreme/black metal. Constructed at Studio 1184 (bassist Hvall's new studio) and mixed at Subsonic Society Studios (Dismember, Susperia, Red Harvest, Darkthrone), Kraft will appeal to fans of Enslaved, Emperor, Arcturus, Darkthrone and Immortal.

Formed in 1994, Windir leave behind four incredible recordings, all recorded for Head Not Found Records. The band graced stages at Inferno, Quart and Hole in the Sky European Festivals plus an appearance (and now only US show) at Milwaukee's Metal Fest. The band was set to record their fifth album and first to receive worldwide release via Candlelight/Tabu Records before Valfar's untimely death.

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