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Hidden Hand, The Bio

Hidden Hand, The
Band members
Wino - Guitars, vocals, Orchestral Percussion Bruce Falkinburg - Bass, Vocals Dave Hennessy - Drums


It is with great honor that we present you with the second and brand new album from the HIDDEN HAND! Featuring the explosive lineup of: Wino (Probot, Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan) Bruce Falkinburgh, and Dave Hennessy. Ultra-heavy, epic songwriting preformed with massive intensity. This groundbreaking album is miles ahead of their debut release: "Divine Propaganda". Featuring mega-heavy killer riffage: (The Crossing, Travesty as Usual, The Deprogramming of Tom Delay) fused with bold lavish melodies (Magdalene, Half Mast, Coffin Lilly). With Mother, Teacher, Destroyer, Hidden Hand have raised the bar and delivered a truly unique album that is a testament to their matchless craftmanship.

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