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Cessation Of Life Bio

Cessation Of Life
Band members
Chris Violence - vocals
Travis Anderberg - guitar
Justin Harrison - bass
Rob Ostlund - drums


Cessation Of Life play's "High Velocity Speed Metal". What is that you ask? Think of a train rolling down the tracks with almost an unmeasurable level of power. Then think of a bullet leaving the muzzle of a long-range rifle. Then add a cocktail of inner city stress, bumper to bumper traffic, toxic waste, tele-marketers calling you and realize its only MONDAY!

Based in Ventura California and formed in 1996, Cessation Of Life has been playing large shows and opening for international act's all over the United States. Festival Concerts they have played include the 1998 Monsters Of Mosh in Rapid City S.D., 1998 Los Angeles Summer Fest, and the 1998 Los Angeles Winter Fest, 2000 Milwaukee Metal Fest, 2000 Monsters Of Mosh in Rapid City S.D. and the 2000 California November to Dismember. Along with hundreds of other clubs and venues that are too many to list.

Bands they have opened for include Testament (5 times, including on the most recent South Western leg of their "Ride The Snake" tour) Impelliteri, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Hammer Fall, Fire House, Drain STH, Death, Morbid Angel, Galactic Cowboys, and Grip Inc.

In 1997 they recorded and released "Aggressive By Nature / Destructive By Choice" an eight song CD featuring full multimedia which included photos of the band, all the lyrics to their songs, and a full-length video.

In 1998 they recorded their version of "Wrathchild" from Iron Maiden for the Italian record company Adrenaline Records. The CD entitled "Children of the damned a tribute to Iron Maiden" was released in Europe in June 1999. This CD also features Cessation Of Life's "Synthetic Suicide" from the "Aggressive...." CD.

In 1999 they released the single "Impalement" to Black Light Records for their compilation CD "Escape The Furnace 3 & 4".

The "Aggressive...." CD is currently being played on college radio stations across the United States as well as album rock station's at WNYO Fulton, New York and KTEQ 91.3 FM Rapid City, South Dakota. The "Aggressive...." CD and the "Children Of The Damned" CD are currently being played on European radio stations in Germany at Querfunk 104.8 FM , in Cyprus on 91.1 FM, in Romania on the "Underground Show", and in Valence France on the "Infernal Waves" radio program. Cessation Of Life can also be heard on Static Radio and on MP3.COM on the internet. Cessation Of Life has had 4 songs in the top 10 in 4 different music genre's on for 12 weeks.

To put it all together, this 4-piece powerhouse can deliver exhilarating shows and sell CD's!

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