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Band members
Randy Larsen - Bass/Vocals Victor Szalaj - Drums Aaron Lewis - Guitar Chris Fischkelta - Guitar


Connecticut, USA. One of the most crime ridden and violent States in America. Naturally this would be where noise aficionado's Cable would stake their claim as home. The bands so-called humble beginnings are not unlike most others. A few ex-members of this band and a new guy from out of town... Really, it's the same old bullshit that haunts every rock n' roll band. However, for those of you need to know... Cable first began mutilating guitar strings and cracking symbols in early 1994. A short stint of local shows got the band a debut record deal with Doghouse. In 1996, "Variable Speed Drive" was released to great fanfare and sales shot well over 12,000 in under two years. Not bad for a debut release. It would be another two years before Cable would release their next studio album, but it was well worth it. Gutter Queen (Hydra Head) hammered down in late 1998 and saw the bands efforts as more honed and mature. What begins as a subtle attack soon turns to all out war and a lot of bodies left in the wake of a Cable fury. 1999 would find the band touring with the likes of Neurosis, Today Is The Day, Cave-In, Botch, Isis and many others before they got back into the studio to record "Northern Failures" (Hydra Head). A record that wouldn't see the light of day until eight months later because of the label's hectic schedule. A lot of fans assumed the band had broken up because of some Cable members playing in other bands like Isis and Tai Pan or that they weren't on a label anymore. However, this all proved to be untrue when word was leaked about the bands upcoming release on This Dark Reign Recordings entitled "Skyhorse Jams." Prior to the release of this record, the band took upon themselves a short 12 day tour of the East Coast and insured its fans that they were still in full swing. The availability of the two new releases also insured the band as true heavy-weights on the Eastern noise-metal scene. A scene they helped to build, but got lost in the shuffle of such lesser talented bands somehow building a better reputation for themselves, even if it was undeserving. Regardless, this is the 21st Century and a time when a band such as Cable are more than needed to express musically the growing dissatisfaction and angst felt by abandoned adolescents and sub-culture life-stylist's being force fed rap metal and watered down hardcore. Cable are a band that reflects the very essence of hostility because they have been exposed to it their entire lives and they're just the artistic reflection of what most of us feel everyday. Cable are hard. Cable are heavy. And, Cable are the mouthpiece of a new era. Cable are currently in the studio recording Never Trust A Gemini for This Dark Reign. The release will be available in mid 2003.

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