heavy metal

Carv Bio

Band members
MattyRay - Vocals
Ben Goodman - Guitars, Vocals
Jon Acorn - Drums, Percussion
Joe Molinari - Guitars
Ben Schulkin - Keyboards
Darren Brown - Bass


CARV swept through the Massachusetts music scene in a blur. In only their second show, the six-piece metal outfit opened for such national acts as Disturbed, Dope, P.O.D. and Days of the New. The buzz at the show was deafening. CARV (then known as "Mantra") led the crowd of over 10,000 through a blistering set, leaving their new fans begging for more.

In 2001, CARV entered world-renown Longview Farms Studios (Creed, Sevendust, Staind) with producer Scott Riebling. After completing an amazing six-song demo, CARV signed a recording/production deal with XOFF Records and a management deal with industry legend Dan Beck (Epic Records, V2).

CARV hit the streets with a guerilla marketing approach building their fan base and street team throughout New England. Then, to complete the circle, CARV hit the main stage at Locobazooka! 2001, the only local act to have a 30 minute set. After the set, new fans waited in long lines to meet the band and to buy over 400 copies of CARV's newly released EP - Anesthetic.

CARV continued to tour New England throughout the fall and winter 2001 opening for such national acts as Reveille, Nullset, Primer 55, 40 below summer, American Headcharge and Biohazard. A number of tracks from their EP have continued to climb and hold top spots on rock radio. Most notably, a #2 most-requested position on Seton Hall's WSOU (the band has been in the top 10 for over two months).

At the end of 2001, the band went back into the studio to complete its first full CD -- an album that is mature and unique, a rare feat given that five of the six band members are under the age of twenty-two. In an age where clones and one-hit wonders fill CD bins and radio waves, CARV refreshes and stimulates. Just don't expect them to let you catch your breath.

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