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Forsaken, The
Band members
Anders Sjöholm - vocals Stefan Holm- lead/rhythm guitars Patrik Persson - lead/rhythm guitars Sefan "Junior" Berg - bass Nicke Grabowski - drums


Not since At The Gates disbanded has one group of musicians created sinister albums that transverse the spectrum of death metal meets brutal melody. Fittingly the band to take up the gauntlet is southern Sweden's THE FORSAKEN. Promisingly vicious, cataclysmically technical, Traces Of The Past is a torturous journey fraught with interlaced melodies, and heavy guitar riffs infused with demon-inspired dual-lead work.
Relative newcomers to the Swedeath scene, THE FORSAKEN have arisen as bold earth-shaking contender in a field riddled with lighter and lighter opponents. Began in 1997, the band's forebodingly sinister demo, Patterns Of Delusive Design, recorded under the band name Septic Breed, was released to raging reviews. With a line up change, acquiring Omnious' Anders Sjöholm on vocals and Evergrey's Michael Häkansson on bass, the band recorded a three-song demo. The demo was entitled The Reaper and recorded at famed Abyss Studios (Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir) with acclaimed producer/engineer Tommy Tägtgren (Marduk, Dark Funeral, Nonexist) who has continued to work with the band through all three albums. Soon after completion Century Media signed the band and unleashed upon the world their torturously hostile debut Manifest Of Hate. THE FORSAKEN then embarked on their first European tour with Nile, The Haunted and label mates Carnal Forge. 2001 with its successes also saw the departure of bassist Michael Häkansson to focus on Evergrey fulltime. Without interruption the band elected to record their sophomore effort with Persson temporarily taking over bass duties, and 2002's monumental Arts Of Desolation descended upon the world. Auditory overload on disc Arts Of Desolation incited Canada's premier metal magazine BWBK to call the band for the second time "the auditory equivalent of being hit by a brick." In 2002 the band toured Europe with Grave and Disinter and performed at Essen, Germany's 2003 Pressure Festival before recording their ferocious third release.
With dizzying aggression THE FORSAKEN take no time to initiate listeners. "A Time To Die" opens with a crash of arms and wildly sadistic 6-string orchestrations. Challenging the listener to take in the spectral adventure "One More Kill" offers up a quickly belligerent melodic base for what climaxes into devil-driven dual solo work. Somewhere in the mix is the aggression of legends like At The Gates, early Arch Enemy and In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and The Crown. Dexterous use of time signatures, harmonic melodies and foreboding dissonance transform every song into an otherworldly exploration. "Glitches Will Tell" opens with repeating rifle attacks from Nicke Grabowski's violently exploding drum kit. And like an indomitable wizard the voice of Anders Sjöholm demandingly impels the group to unmatched heights. Unrelentingly the dual guitar attack of Persson and Holm are reminiscent of twin fighter jets in their speed, precision and terminal dexterity.
With a November 2003 European release, the new album has earned the band an early 2004 tour with Soilwork, and considerable press attention: "The motto is 'to kill with better songs' and Traces Of The Past is the battle plan that goes with it." 6/7 Hammer, Germany. Now with 4 bonus tracks, the U.S. gets to experience the devastation. In the groundbreaking search for the sound of the future, THE FORSAKEN have accepted that you must bring forward Traces Of The Past.

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