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Year Of Our Lord, The Bio

Year Of Our Lord, The
Band members
Scott Heigelmann - vocals Nick Heigelmann - guitar Nick Kyte - guitar Matt Lacasse - bass Colin Conway - drums


Tyool started in 1997 with Nick Heigelmann and Scott Heigelmann in Acton, Maine. Tom Mahoney played 2nd Guitar and Fred Truman was on drums. The name derived from a Rorschach song title. We played only a handful of shows. Tom and Fred left. Chris Smith then had a short stint on bass guitar. Glen Brasile then joined in on drums and Matt Lacasse on 2nd guitar. We played a couple shows with only 2 songs and no bassist. We then recorded 2 songs for a split seven-inch with Fortdaysrain on Die Records. After which, Chris Cardone joined in on bass to make it a complete lineup again. The next year comprised of a summer tour with Fortydaysrain, Matt and Cardone switching instruments, recording for a 3 song seven inch of our own on Dopamine Records, and Cardone departing from the band. Nick "Deth" Kyte then joined in on Guitar. We toured again with Fortydaysrain in the Winter of 99 down to Florida and back, enduring treacherous weather and the van breaking down before the tour was even finished. A few of us had to ride in the back of a U-Haul in the freezing cold. We then rerecorded all of the previously released songs (due to their shitty ass sound quality) for an ep cd on Lifeforce Records. After this came out and we played locally supporting it, Andy Kyte (brother of Nick Kyte) joined in on Keyboards. Soon after this, Matt Lacasse left the band. Andy moved to bass guitar, we worked on new songs and toured Europe. Elissa Young played keys for a while and Glen and Andy have both left to pursue other musical ventures. The new self titled full length CD is out now and Matt Lacasse has also rejoined the band and on drums joined Colin Conway.

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